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Browse Thomason Tracts

The Browse Thomason Tracts page allows you to browse through all the Thomason content, both periodical and non-periodical, in the order that it appears in the original volumes (i.e. in the order in which the collection was compiled).

The top level of the Thomason Tracts browse lists all volumes in the collection in groups of 50. Click the plus icon next to a group of volumes to display individual volumes, then click the plus icon next to a volume to browse the items within that volume. Once you have expanded a volume/level, the plus icon will change to a minus icon; click this to contract the display.

Note that there are some items with non-standard numbering that will appear under separate headings (e.g. Manuscripts) at the bottom of the browse list; these can, however, be browsed in exactly the same way as described above.

Within each volume, you can browse all items in that volume in reel position order.

Each item in the browse list consists of the following elements:

  • Reel position (linked to the relevant image set)
  • Author
  • Short title
  • Imprint
  • Year (or issue number and date in the case of periodical issues)

Phantom Reel Positions

The Browse Thomason Tracts screen provides access to Document Images for the more than 22,000 items that comprise Thomason's collection, sorted according to reel position number. Note that there are a number of gaps in the sequence of reel position numbers, as in the following example, where 4:E.22[1] is followed directly by 4:E.22[3]:

Illustration of phantom reel positions

These gaps reflect anomalies in the original cataloguing of Thomason's collection and do not result from any gap in coverage in Early English Books Online (i.e. the items available at 4:E.22[1] and 4:E.22[3] appear alongside each other in the original collection; '4:E.22[2]' is a phantom reel position).