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Table of Contents

The Table of Contents page allows you to browse through the contents of a volume and look at the structure of the volume. For example, you may wish to view a list of the chapters of a particular work.

The various levels of heading are represented in the Table of Contents by branches which can be expanded or collapsed. Navigation within the Table of Contents is by means of the icons 'expand icon' and 'collapse icon' which indicate whether you can expand or collapse a branch to change the level of detail displayed.

  • To expand a branch of the Table of Contents and view the next level of heading, click the 'expand icon' icon next to the branch. For example, clicking 'expand icon' next to a volume title will expand the branch and display the groups of documents within that volume; clicking 'expand icon' next to one of these groups will expand the branch further to display individual documents or sub-groups.
  • When you expand a level of the hierarchy, the 'expand icon' will be replaced with a 'collapse icon' . To collapse an expanded branch and return to the higher level of information, click 'collapse icon' . All branches below that level will be collapsed.

Each of the branches in the Table of Contents is hyperlinked to the Full Text of the corresponding item. The title of each item is followed by the download size in bytes of the corresponding Full text page. The larger the download size of an item, the longer the Full Text page will take to download.

The order of the Table of Contents is the same as the Full Text. The contents of the works themselves follow their copy texts in structure and order so that headings and divisions within the copy text are preserved.