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Select from a list

Many of the fields on a search page have a Select from a list ›› link next to them. This link provides access to a list of available search terms, called a browse index, which may contain either keywords or phrases.

You can enter a search term in a search field and click the Select from a list ›› link to display the nearest match in the browse index. Your selected term is displayed above the browse index in the Look for... search box.

Alternatively, you can leave a search field blank and click the Select from a list ›› link to display the first 200 entries in the browse index appropriate to that field. The Look for... search box will be blank.

Using the browse index to select terms

  • Enter the first few characters of the new term you wish to look for and click the Look for... button to display a new section of the browse index, with the nearest match to the characters you entered highlighted.
  • Click the Up and Down buttons to scroll through the preceding and following sections of the browse index.

When you have selected the search term or terms you want to use from the browse index, click the OK button to transfer them back to the relevant search box. Note that any term you had originally entered in the search box will be overwritten by the ones you select from the browse index.

Note that the Subject Select from list page shows the full Library of Congress subject headings; alternatively you can view a list of component subject keywords by clicking the link at the top of the page. Both subject browses work in the same way as described above. Similarly, the Title select from a list on the Periodicals Search page allows you to view either individual keywords from periodical titles, or full titles.

If you are a joint EEBO-ECCO subscriber and you select terms from ECCO using the Select from a list page but do not check the Include records from ECCO in your search checkbox on the search page, it is likely that your search will retrieve no hits. Please ensure you have selected the checkbox before clicking Search if you wish to retrieve ECCO items.