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Search History

The Search History pages list all searches executed in EEBO. It summarises and numbers each of your searches and indicates the number of entries retrieved. Each time a new search is executed, it will be numbered and added to the list.

There are separate search histories for the Basic/Advanced Search and the Periodicals Search. You can move between the different Search History pages by clicking the links that appear at the top of the page.

From the Search History page you can:

  • clear the history on that page
  • re-execute a search
  • refine a search
  • combine previous searches

To clear all the searches listed, click the 'Clear Search History ' link.

To re-execute a search, click the corresponding link in the Search Terms section of the list. The relevant Records page will be displayed.

To refine a search, click on the corresponding Refine search icon. The relevant Search page will be displayed, where you can add or remove search terms, as required.

You can use the Combine Searches feature to combine searches already in the Search History list using the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT. Enter the numbers of the two searches you would like to combine, select the required Boolean operator and click the 'Combine searches' button.

The relevant Records page will be displayed, and the combined search will be added to the corresponding Search History page.

Note: Each Search History page is only retained for a single session of usage of EEBO, and so any information recorded there will be lost once you exit EEBO. Should you wish to keep a more permanent record of your searches, we recommend that you print out the relevant Search History page before exiting EEBO.