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Periodicals Search

The Periodicals Search screen allows you to search all the periodical content in EEBO.

There are three main types of periodical in EEBO:

  • Corantos - broad sheet publications issued mainly in the Netherlands in 1620 and 1621, the earliest news publications in the English language
  • Newsbooks - the quarto-format news publications issued in the period 16221642
  • Thomason Periodicals - preserved in the British Library's Thomason Tracts collection (16411663).

Corantos and Newsbooks are slightly different in character to the other periodicals in EEBO, and have been treated in a slightly different way to make them fully accessible to users.

Each individual coranto and newsbook is accessible throughout EEBO via a bibliographic record that documents exactly its unique title and date information, making it easy to retrieve particular items when searching. Each is also linked to an additional bibliographic record that groups together associated corantos and newsbooks according to the various series identified in Folke Dahl's definitive work A Bibliography of English Corantos and Periodical Newsbooks 16201642 (London: Bibliographical Society, 1952). These additional records allow users to reconstruct the original serial order in which corantos and newsbooks were issued. Both types of record are searched and retrieved via the Periodicals Search page.

For example, users can retrieve images of the newsbook entitled A relation of the King of Svveden, his happie and incomparable successe and victories..., which formed number 22 in a series of newsbooks printed for Nathaniel Butter and Nicholas Bourne from 1629 to 1631, in two ways:

  • by entering search terms (e.g. Title keyword(s), Date etc) that match its own bibliographic Full Record, which gives the full title and date of the individual item (A relation of the King of Svveden etc., 18th February-14th March 1631) and additional notes specific to it
  • by entering search terms that match the over-arching record for the complete seventh series of newsbooks (entitled Newbooks Seventh Series: Printed for Nathaniel Butter and Nicholas Bourne, c.16291630 - 29 Nov. 1631.), which links to images of all the newsbooks from this series available in EEBO

The Periodicals Search screen allows users to search periodicals using a combination of the following search fields:

Click the links above to find out more about the search fields.

To conduct a search, either type the required search terms (individual words or phrases) into the relevant search boxes or select them from a browse index on the Select from a list page (where available).

Note that searching on a non-inverted name form in the Author/editor keyword(s) field will also retrieve the inverted form, e.g. you can type 'thomas archer' to retrieve records for items where 'archer, thomas' is the author or editor.

You can search for spelling variants of the words you enter; for example, a search for sing will find occurences of the word sing as well as the variations seynge, synge or syng. EEBO will automatically retrieve all spelling variants for all the word(s) you have entered; if you do not wish to include variant spellings in your search results, simply untick the Search using variant spellings check box.

You can also use the Search using variant forms checkbox in conjunction with variant spelling searching to search for variant forms of the words you enter; for example, a search for civil will find occurences of the word civil as well as the variations civilest , civilly and civils.

Note that if you want to search on a number of variant spellings, your search will be more successful if you use the Variant spellings check box rather than choosing your terms from the Check for variants page.

You can also combine search terms using Boolean and proximity searching, search for variations on search terms using truncation operators, and specify exact matching in phrase-indexed fields. Note that for best results it is advisable to untick the Variant spellings checkbox before executing a search using wildcards.

You can choose how you want your results to be sorted by selecting an option from the Display results as drop-down list. You can choose to display results as separate issues with earliest or latest issues first, or as records sorted alphabetically by periodical title, or as records with the earliest date of first issue first (the default option).

When you have finished entering your search criteria, click Search. The Search Results page will display the results of your search.

Limit by date

You can narrow your search by date in two ways. To search on a range of years, enter the relevant year, month and day values into the from and to boxes, or to search within a single year/month/day, enter the same values in the from and to boxes.

The official dates of coverage for the Thomason periodical content in EEBO are 22 November 1641 to 21 June 1665. The date fields default to the earliest and latest publication dates that occur within all available records.