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Image Sets

The Image Sets page allows you to select the set to view if there is more than one set of page images for the work you have chosen.

  • View this document as - You can select to view the Full Record of this item, the scanned page images, the Illustrations page where you can view the different types of illustration in a document, or the full text.
  • Record Details - The record's author, title and publication date are shown.
  • Image sets - Lists the UMI Collections and their reel numbers for the available image sets. For Thomason Tracts works the issue number and date will also be displayed.

    If digitized images are not yet available for an item the text 'Not yet digitized' will be displayed after the UMI reel number.

If you have clicked on the Document Images icon, clicking the UMI reel number will take you to the Document Image page with the first page of the document displayed.

If you have clicked on the Thumbnails icon, clicking the UMI reel number will take you to the Thumbnails of All Pages page with thumbnails of all pages in the set you have chosen displayed.

If you are also subscribed to Literature Online, and the author also has works in EEBO, you will able to view Literature Online Author pages directly from the Image Sets page.

You can also read the EEBO Introduction for the work (if available) by clicking the Read the EEBO Introduction to this work link.

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