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Searching Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)

Authorized users of Cengage Gale's Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) can now include ECCO records in their EEBO searches and link to the corresponding records in ECCO. This gives EEBO users the opportunity to discover additional texts relevant to their research among 136,000 texts published between 1701-1800.

Note that only the bibliographic records from ECCO have been loaded into EEBO for cross searching, and none of the searchable full text. As a result, there are some differences in the search experience between the two databases, as outlined below.

  • If you opt to include ECCO records in a search which has been limited to "Items with keyed full text", you will not receive any results from ECCO. That is because the full text searching is limited to the transcribed works in EEBO only. This is also the case on the Advanced Search screen. A search within the "Full text keyword(s)" search box that also includes ECCO records will retrieve results from EEBO only. Users who wish to search the full text of eighteenth century works found in EEBO can link to the corresponding record in ECCO and conduct a full text search in that database.
  • While every effort has been made to fully integrate the bibliographic data between EEBO and ECCO, there are some fields in which the indexing is not consistent between both data sets as outlined below.
    1. In the Language field on the Advanced Search screen you will find in EEBO works in languages that are not available in ECCO, including Algonquin, Arabic, Aramaic, Chinese, Old English, Old and Middle French, Ethiopic, Greek, Lithuanian, Malay, Newari, Pahlavi, Persian, Polish, Roman, Syriac, and Turkish.
    2. In the Country of Origin field, the only location limiters that are not available in ECCO records are Northern Ireland, USA-Mass, and USA-Maryland.
    3. In the Illustration Type field, you will only discover ECCO results for items limited to Portrait, Map, Chart, Music, Coat of Arms, and Illustrations, and not the others that are available for EEBO such as Form, Plan, or Title page borders.
  • The EEBO-ECCO cross search feature assumes that ECCO customers have access to the complete, original Eighteenth Century Collections Online database. The functionality cannot be customized for customers with access only to ECCO subject modules, either individually or in combination. Owners of ECCO subject modules who activate the cross search feature should be aware that users who attempt to link from records of works from subject modules which are not owned will not gain access to those items in ECCO.

Library administrators can activate the cross search feature from the Administration Resources area in Information Resources. For additional assistance or information about activating the EEBO-ECCO cross search feature, please contact the Webmaster.