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Downloading Images in PDF format

You have a number of options for downloading images in PDF format.

From the Document Images page, you can click the PDF icon icon to view a PDF version of your current page in Adobe Acrobat. You must have this program installed on your computer to view the PDF; click here to go to Adobe's website.

If you wish to download multiple pages or the entire document in PDF format, you must add the work to your Marked List by clicking on the Marked List icon Marked List icon that accompanies each record and then clicking the Marked List link in the toolbar.

Clicking on the Download PDF link in your Marked List allows you to download the entire document in PDF form. Please be aware that this can take a long time if you are on a slow internet connection.

You have two options on the Download Images page:

  • You can download the entire document by selecting the relevant radio button
  • You can select the 'Download range of document images' radio button and enter any page number or range of pages.

Once you have made your selection, click the 'Download' button. You will be asked to confirm your choices before the download process begins. The downloading can take some moments to begin, so to avoid disruption of the download please wait.

Macintosh Users PLEASE NOTE:

Macintosh users who access EEBO using Internet Explorer might experience difficulties from time to time when trying to download PDF documents from EEBO. The problem seems to be that this browser does not always handles properly the requests to download the PDF images, and sometimes it tries to display them on the browser instead of opening them in Acrobat Reader. The result is that you see a page full of unintelligible coding.

We are sorry that there is nothing we can do to correct this, as it is really a problem in the browser. We recommend the following options:

  • Use a different browser, as this problem is specific of Internet Explorer. Other Macintosh supported browsers like Safari and Netscape do not present this problem.
  • If the problem occurs with large documents, at the time of downloading the document select a different page range to download. Normally, if you select a larger or smaller page range the problem can be avoided.
  • Download PDFs for each page individually from the Document Images view. We only recommend this solution for short documents or limited page ranges.