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Context of Matches

The Context of Matches page lists the author (including date of birth/death if known), the title of the work containing the text (if appropriate), the Bibliographic name/number, physical description (including number of pages), the volume from which it has been taken and its publication date, number of hit(s) found and the line(s) of context which contains the hit(s). Each instance of your search word is referred to as a 'hit', and in the case of a Keyword search the hit will be displayed in a line of context with five words either side. Each hit is indicated by the symbol 'Hit icon' in the line of context. You can also access the Table of Contents for the document from this page.

Click a work to display the Full Text. The size of the text file is given next to the title of the work. If this is large (over 200Kb) then the Downloading full text screen is displayed. From here it is possible to access the Table of Contents for the volume from which the work is taken, to allow you to select a smaller portion of text to download.

If you are also subscribed to Literature Online, you can access Author pages from Literature Online where these are available for authors in EEBO. Simply click the 'Author page in Literature Online' link next to an entry in the Context of Matches- the Literature Online Author page for that author will open in a new window, with EEBO remaining open in the original window.

You can read the EEBO Introduction for the work (if available) by clicking the Read the EEBO Introduction to this work link.