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Full Record

When you click on the record icon next to an item in the Search Results list, you will be taken to the corresponding record for that item. All instances of your search term(s) will be highlighted in the Full Record.

You can change the view of the document by clicking on the 'View this document as:' icons.

You can quickly print the Full Record by selecting the print format from the 'Print record as:' drop-down list and clicking 'Print'.

To download or email a record, you must add it to your Marked List. You can do this by clicking the checkbox icon add to your Marked List. You can also print records from the Marked List as well as from the Full Record page itself.

Following a search using Basic or Advanced Search, you can move between records in your results set without having to go back to the Search Results page to choose another item by using the Next/Previous Record links on the Full Record page.

To access a URL that will link to the current Full Record click the button and copy and paste the link into documents, email or simply add it to your bookmarks.

Where available, the following details will display about the record you have selected.
Title: The full title(s) of the document as it appears in the original record
Additional titles: Alternative titles for the document. If you click an additional title, EEBO will execute an exact search for that title and take you to a List of Results.
Author: Standardised author name(s)
Other Authors
Variant name form: pseudonym or 'also known as' information, if available
Author role
Imprint: Publication information including publisher location, publisher, and publication date
Date: Date, corrected if necessary
Bib name/number: Name of bibliographies that include the item, and the number given by the bibliographer
Physical description: The number of pages or volumes, plus any additional information
Preceding/Succeeding title: any titles that the periodical used to be or will be known as
Notes: Comments, including additional author, title and editor information
Copy from: The source library for the original document
UMI collection/reel number: UMI microfilm collection / reel number and position. Collections include:

  • Early English Books, 1475-1640 (abbreviated STC)
  • Early English Books, 1641-1700 (abbreviated Wing)
  • Thomason Tracts (abbreviated TT)
Subject: Standardised Library of Congress Subject Heading(s)

The Author, Other author, Uniform title, Subject, periodical Preceding title and periodical Succeeding title fields appear as links in the Full Record. You can launch a search for a particular author, title or subject by clicking one of these links. You will be taken to a new Search Results page listing all records that contain the term you have clicked on.

You can read the EEBO Introduction for the work (if available) by clicking the Read the EEBO Introduction to this work link.

If you are a joint EEBO-ECCO subscriber, records from ECCO will be distinguished on the Full Record page by the ECCO logo; you can click the logo to open the ECCO website and view further information, or click the View full record in ECCO link to open that record in ECCO. ECCO will open in a new window; EEBO will remain open in the original window. In addition, in ECCO records, the UMI collection/reel number field is listed under 18th Century Microfilm Reel Number; clicking the reel position will take you to the full record in ECCO.

If you are also subscribed to Literature Online, you can access Author pages from Literature Online where these are available for authors in EEBO. Simply click the 'Author page in Literature Online' link on the Full Record page- the Literature Online Author page for that author will open in a new window, with EEBO remaining open in the original window.