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List of Abbreviations

The following abbreviations are used widely in EEBO (particularly in the Author name field) and other bibliographic databases:

bborn; used in combination with a date to indicate a date of birth, e.g. Anderson, Henry, b. 1581 or 2
c. or ca.circa, meaning 'about' or 'at the approximate time of'; used in combination with an approximate inferred date in name forms, e.g. Digby, Everard, ca. 1551-1605, and in bibliographic information e.g. Imprynted at London in Fletestrete, at the signe of the y[e] George: by wyllyam Middylton, [c. 1545]
d.died; used in combination with a date to indicate the year of death, e.g. Hart, John, d. 1574
D. D.Divinitatis Doctor, or 'Doctor of Divinity'
fl.floruit, meaning 'flourished'; used as an alternative to dates of birth and/or death to indicate the period during which a given individual is known to have been alive and active e.g. Hart, Alexander, fl. 1640

A separate list of abbreviations used in the Bibliographic name / number field is also available.